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Why Temperature And Humidity Test Room Temperature Difference Is Too Large?
Feb 20, 2018

High and low temperature and humidity testing room is the main equipment in the environment test of temperature and humidity. It mainly carries out high and low temperature and humidity tests to evaluate the temperature and moisture resistance of the products so as to ensure that our products can work and operate under any environmental conditions. However, if the temperature uniformity exceeds the allowable deviation range during the environmental test, the data obtained from the test is unreliable and the test data can not be used as the ultimate endurance of the material or product high and low temperature test. So what are the causes of temperature uniformity exceeding the tolerance range?

1, high and low temperature test room studio test object differences: If the high and low temperature test chamber studio enough to affect the overall internal heat convection test samples, will inevitably affect the internal temperature uniformity to a certain extent, the temperature uniformity. For example, placing their own products that emit light and heat become a heat load, then the temperature uniformity has a great impact. In addition, similar to the high heat capacity of aluminum products will cause excessive deviation of the situation.

2, the design problems lead to high and low temperature test room in the internal structure, space design is difficult to achieve a uniform symmetrical structure, and asymmetrical structure will inevitably lead to internal temperature uniformity deviation. This level is mainly reflected in the sheet metal design and sheet metal processing, such as the design of the duct, the laying position of the heat pipe, the size of the fan power. This will affect the temperature uniformity inside the box.

3, due to the high and low temperature test chamber structure of the different walls, resulting in chamber wall temperature will be uneven, thereby affecting the indoor heat convection, resulting in deviation of the internal temperature uniformity.

4, due to studio wall around the upper and lower 6 surface of the heat transfer coefficient is different, and some threading holes, test holes, test holes and other local cooling, heat transfer, so that the temperature of the box uneven, so that the box Wall radiation convection heat is not uniform, affecting the temperature uniformity.

5, the tightness of the tightness of the box and the door, such as: seal non-custom joints, leaks, etc., thus affecting the temperature uniformity of the work space.

6, If the test object is too large, or the test object placed in the test chamber temperature and low temperature chamber inappropriate location or manner, so that the air convection blocked, will have a greater deviation of temperature uniformity. Such as the test product on the side of the duct, seriously affect the wind cycle, of course, the temperature uniformity will be greatly affected.

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