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The Whole Fluorine-bitter Tube Control Gradually Becomes The Industry Focal Point
Apr 21, 2017

PFOA substances have excellent thermal stability, chemical stability, high surface activity, hydrophobic and hydrophobic properties, widely used in textile apparel, surfactants, cosmetics, fluorine-containing polymers, surface coatings and even fire foam and other fields. However, PFOA and its associated substances are not easy to degrade, can be absorbed by inhalation, skin contact and the food chain, such as human body, is a persistent, bio-accumulation and toxic substances, the nerve, immunity and reproductive system, etc. have varying degrees of damage. As early as 2012, Greenpeace claimed that in the market randomly extracted 14 of the clothing samples found all the bitter, the substance also became in addition to Nonylphenol, another kind of harmful chemical additives of concern. Nonylphenol has been banned by reach statute February this year, and since 2010, Canada, the United States, Norway, Sweden and other countries have introduced a total of bitter control and industry elimination plan.