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The Proper Use Of High And Low Temperature Test Chamber
Oct 20, 2017

High and low temperature test chamber used in industrial products, high temperature, low temperature reliability test, the electronic electrical, aerospace, scientific research units, institutions of higher learning and other related products, parts and materials in the high temperature, low temperature cycle changes, The performance of the indicators, the use of common sense for the device, it must be for each user to master, and then let us look at the specific introduction:

High and low temperature test chamber

1, high and low temperature test chamber in the high temperature test, the temperature inside the box will be high, the test process or after the end of the trial, if you need to open the door you need to be particularly careful to avoid being burned.

2, the equipment to do low temperature test when the temperature will be very low in the test process or just after the end of the test, if you need to open the door, then we must be particularly careful to prevent frostbite will be.

3, please do not connect the test product to the access device, otherwise it will increase the power load, unless the equipment has a test product power interface, prohibit the test with flammable, explosive, high corrosion items, not in the state of power Under the operation of the process of handling, maintenance.

4, although the equipment has a sound anti-shock measures, but we need special attention to the electrical control system, in the case of work, do not touch the electrical part.

High and low temperature impact test chamber that is the temperature impact test chamber, hot and cold impact test chamber, mainly for electrical, electronic products, as well as its original devices, and other materials in the environment of rapid changes in the environment of storage, transportation, use of adaptability test. Mainly used in the product in accordance with national military standards or user requirements, in the high temperature and low temperature instantaneous changes in the conditions of the product's physical and other related characteristics of environmental simulation test, after testing, to determine the performance of the product, Whether it is still able to meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection.