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The EU Reach Statute Or The PFOA Of All Fluorine-bitter Class Completely Banned
Apr 21, 2017

Recently, the European Commission through the WTO official platform issued the latest G/TBT/N/EU/411 technical trade measures Bulletin, proposed to the EU reach statute of Annex XVII revision. According to the draft bulletin, the EU will comprehensively prohibit the production and listing of all-PFOA and its salts; PFOA and its salts in any substance, mixture or article shall not exceed 25 micrograms/kg (ppb), and the content of the PFOA associated substances shall not exceed 1000 ppb. The new rules for consultation will be due in December 2016, scheduled for the first half of 2017, due to the effect of all fluorine bitterness in the textile industry and other industries, the application of the new regulations will be China's textile and apparel, paper products, leather products, plastic products and even electronic products, such as export industries impact.