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Standard Trend Of Fuel Consumption For Passenger Cars
Apr 21, 2017

The fourth phase of the standard recycling industry technical standards have been revised, has completed two draft of the preparation of the consultation, at the 13th will be proposed this month, the four phase standard corresponding management system has not been finalized. The development of the five-stage standard will be influenced by the change of the experiment method and the working condition, but also the influence of the emission standard and the uncertain influence of the current management system, there are some uncertainties in the future. The revision of the experimental method has been initiated, but has been affected by the change in the emission standard, once revised, which will in turn affect the limits of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, fuel consumption and marking criteria. The standard of the light business vehicle is completed last year, the standard is three phases, and the follow-up will be launched 2020 years after the work. Standard for converting oil to electricity, it is the standard of building traditional cars and new energy vehicles, with the aim of supporting the Government to take a phased approach to new energy management, beyond that, the energy consumption of new energy vehicles is also on the agenda, at present, the development of pure electric vehicle energy consumption standard has been launched.