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Product Check And Acceptance By Indonesia
Dec 18, 2017

We warmly celebrated the great success in the acceptance of our environment test chamber by Indonesia aviation department.

 On November 15th 2017,the Indonesia aviation minister together with testing team did check and acceptance of THV712-10 temperature,humidity and vibration combined test chamber items ,accompanied by each leader of our department .

 Experts team sincerely listened the report of the chamber check and acceptance circumstances from our testing engineers in the morning ,then the team visited the plant to take a full check in the environment of company and workshop, production technology,etc.And also checked the chamber low temperature,electrical,structural and other parts on site and gave out impersonal and impartial grades in terms of chamber check and acceptance circumstances.Finally,Indonesia aviation minister announced that Hardy successful passed the check and acceptance for our three combined chamber we made complied with technical protocol requirements.Indonesia aviation department expressed their heartfelt thanks to our experts' two days hard working and congratulated that we had passed product items' check and acceptance successfully.Additionally ,they gave important indicator to product packaging out of port as next step.

 Whole company celebrated when heard the good news.The success can not do without hardworking support crew,international staff full cooperation and help to each other ,staff working in the front line as well as total support from both company and leaders.To ensure chamber finished on time,company has set up a working team of each department leaders to be responsible for hardware preparation,software programming ,low temperature and electrical design manufacturing .The team not only prepared seriously and worked overtime,but also overcame self difficulties and checked chamber from testing to debugging many times.Moreover, health work of company,workshop,offices and other places is also included.The experts all thought highly of our meticulous reception work from the team we specially formed.

 This successful acceptance is beneficial for sppeeding up international exploiting process ,joining in international cooperation and competition to achieve network globalization in R&D,manufacturing and selling.

environment test chamber.png

test chamber.png