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Industry Application Difficult To Avoid Coping Pressure Highlights
Apr 21, 2017

Judging from the new rules, even the mature European Union, there is also a cautious approach to the elimination of PFOA in the short term, despite the fact that the files proposed by Germany and Norway set up a 18-month transitional period, the European Commission for Socio-economic analysis ultimately proposes to extend the transition period to three years and to provide exemptions for commodities, medical equipment and semiconductors. And from the global industry, after the PFOA is disabled, enterprises will face the severe dilemma of the limited space of alternatives, especially the similar total fluorine compounds with the PFOA nature, which are now also being phased out, such as PFOS has been incorporated into the high-interest list of substances in December 2015. And the industry-oriented International Environmental Textile Association (OEKO-TEX) in recent years, the regulatory requirements for all fluorine compounds are continuously tightened, such as the 2014 edition OEKO-TEX Standard 100 standard to the different levels of textiles of the total fluoride content in the limit of 50 µg/kg to 500 micrograms/kg range. The 2015 edition of the standard will all categories of textiles to reduce the total of the limited bitterness of fluorine to <1.0 µg/m2. The 2016 edition further incorporates all fluorine-heptane, PFOS and PFOS into the list of limitations.