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How To Reduce The Noise Of The Constant Temperature And Humidity Testing Chamber
Jan 10, 2018

How to reduce the noise of the constant temperature and humidity Testing Chamber

Noise means that there should be no sound in a certain environment. After a constant temperature and humidity Testing Chamber is used for a long time, it is possible to make noise in the Testing Chamber. When there is noise, we must first learn to judge what is the cause, and then solve the noise according to the specific situation.

When the compressor Testing Chamber with constant temperature and humidity of the noise, it is important to check three places: 

first, to see whether the shock absorber spring deformation, if the deformation will affect the stability of the pressure regulating function, thereby making noises; 

second, to see whether the wear degree of needle, cone and valve seat can be closed, if not will make the pilot flow stable, so that the pressure fluctuation noise; 

third, check the oil is mixed with air, the formation of cavitation and noise. If the parts are changed and worn as long as they are replaced, the air is mixed in the oil, and the noise can be reduced by removing the air in time and paying attention to the seal to prevent the air from reentering.

The constant temperature and humidity Testing Chamber produces noise, and it may be the result of sheet metal process. If the sheet metal design is unreasonable, and the material used in the Testing Chamber is poor, plus the whole process is not good, it will be particularly prone to generate vibration, resulting in noise. The longer the time, the bigger the noise will be. Therefore, when choosing the temperature and humidity Testing Chamber, we should pay attention to the material and processing technology used by the manufacturer.

Inferior electronic accessories are more prone to aging and deformation than good parts. Factors such as aging and loosening of accessories may cause noise in the constant temperature and humidity Testing Chamber. The small editor recommends the majority of users to the regular manufacturers to buy, that is, to ensure that the quality can also be assured after sale. In addition, during the production and commissioning of the temperature and humidity Testing Chamber, the technical level of the commissioning personnel may also cause noise. If all the above factors are excluded, it is necessary for the senior technicians to conduct comprehensive professional inspection and debugging to reduce the noise.