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High And Low Temperature Humidity Test Room Cooling Should Pay Attention To The Problem
Feb 20, 2018

High Low Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber is a very common, used to test the parts under different conditions of heat preservation, transport, in order to determine the product transport and storage. High and low temperature wet box is the use of the temperature and humidity inside the box to adjust and change the environment for testing, so the cooling and heating system must ensure that the normal work, if the cooling problems, then we need to be solved.

     First of all we should check exactly what causes the failure, we can check the refrigerator to see if it is able to normally open and close, if not, it may be a line problem; If so, but also on the exhaust pipe and suction Trachea to see the test to see if it is normal, if this is normal, then there may be insufficient refrigerant, the need to add replacement.

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