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Hardy's One Closer Cooperation With Tianjin Lishen Battery Company
Dec 25, 2017

Hardy's one closer cooperation with Lishen Battery Company


Under a period of full prepared and meticulous working ,Hardy Technology International Co.,Ltd,based on customers' requirements,has manufactured a series of chambers recently ,which will be delivered at frontier by road transport.


Hardy technology international Co.,Ltd ,locates in Qianzhao Road#9, Tuchang Town,Hechuan District, Chongqing, China ,mainly manufacture different kinds of environment test system chambers that have no pollution to environment and danger to human for customers' needs .


These chambers are two types ,one is for high and low temperature tests while the other is for constant temperature tests, are all made for Tianjin Lishen Battery joint-stock Co.,Ltd. ,the one that well-known for batteries in the new and high tech zone,Tianjin,China .Two chambers are both in blue-grey and up-down structures ,making chamber easy to move and maintain.


It is a great development to both sides,not only in closer relations,but also for products technical updating and continuous design of our chambers ,which could make Hardy products more convincing among the same field.

HLT012 series.png

HLT012 series :Constant test chamber,with double doors opened

HLT504P series.png

HLT504P series :High and low test chamber,with single-door opened