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China Automotive Customer Satisfaction Index Is A New Low For Nearly Eight Years
Apr 21, 2017

China Quality Association, the National User Committee September 27 released 2016 China automotive industry Customer Satisfaction Measurement results show that our new energy automotive customer satisfaction level 75 points, a 10 points raised, but the automotive industry customer Satisfaction Index dropped 2 points, a year to the lowest level in nearly eight years. The test results show that the new energy car private user satisfaction is higher than the commercial users, the increase of private cars into the new energy vehicle user satisfaction increase the main reason, but the user's new energy car complaint rate is still up to 22.6%, higher than the fuel car 8.6%. Users are mainly dissatisfied with: life short, charging trouble, the winter power fast, poor body assembly. For start-up and acceleration performance, the user considers the new energy vehicle to be superior to the fuel truck.