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Automobile Recycling Management Method To Amend Scrap Auto Recycling Industry Or No Longer Into Special Industry Management
Apr 21, 2017

The State Council's decision to amend the management of scrap auto Recycling (draft for soliciting opinions) 19th publicly solicit opinions, according to the draft, scrap Auto Recycling Business Audit department will be transformed by the economic and trade management departments to scrap automotive recycling departments and Environmental protection departments, scrap auto Recycling industry no longer incorporated into special industry management. The draft deleted the existing regulations "scrap auto recycling industry to implement special industry management" provisions, clear the country to scrap auto recycling enterprises to implement the accreditation system. The draft stipulates that, to be engaged in scrap car recycling business, should be to the provincial, autonomous region and municipalities directly under the people's Government to scrap auto recycling department, the competent department of scrap auto recycling should be from the date of receipt of the application within 30 business days, with the same level of environmental protection authorities to approve the application In respect of the qualification of scrap auto recycling enterprises, the draft has weakened the registered capital in the existing Ordinance. The specific requirements of the site area and the number of personnel emphasize that the enterprise should have the waste storage and processing equipment, facilities, and the professional technicians adapted to the scrap auto dismantling activities, as well as the sound internal management system and the disassembly operation Criterion, according to the Environmental protection laws, regulations and standards.