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What Is An Environmental Simulation Test Chamber?
Jun 08, 2017

The simulation environment test chamber is developed by the United States of environmental testing equipment, the establishment of a series of environmental test sites and laboratories, developed environmental testing standards, all weapons and equipment, spare parts and materials and ammunition must first sent to the environmental laboratory Simulated environmental tests, and then sent to the environmental test site for field environmental testing, through these tests, in order to formally delivery of troops. Now the US military has taken environmental tests as part of the pilot and identification work.


The main project of the environmental test is that the test site of the environmental test should be broadly representative and can carry out nearly more probable projects and should be close to the possible future environment. However, the environmental test site is often different from the real use of the environment.When the simulation project is selected, the requirements for the use of the test items should be analyzed in detail, and the selected test items should represent both the main use environment and the test Speed, save money.


The main environmental test items of the simulation environment test box: low pressure (high altitude) test, high temperature test, low temperature test, thermal shock test, solar radiation (sunshine) test, rain test, moisture test, mold test, salt spray test, dust Test, flood test, freezing rain test


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