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14m³ Hand Over
Jun 26, 2017

14 cubic meters walk in high temperature reactor coolant pump coil test chamber

This is the rainy season of Mountain city Chongqing. In this cool weather, we finished the pre-acceptance check of the almost completed walk in high temperature test chamber and achieved the satisfaction from customers.

This walk in high temperature test chamber is an explosion-proof high temperature test chamber designed based on the customer’s special specifications. Its main purpose is to research the insulation property of large reactor coolant pump coil and ring type coil under hot state. This test chamber is cased frame walk in type with high voltage lead device and is mainly composed of control system, air circulation heating system, safety protection system and heat preservation case etc. The test space is 14.4 cubic meters. The highest temperature is 350℃.The temperature control system using invention patent of Hardy (National Invention Patent No. ZL 2009 1 0103747.9) can ensure the precision of temperature fluctuation in the range of ±0.5℃ and temperature uniformity in the range of ±3℃. The heating rate can satisfy RT~+350℃≤60min with 400kg coil as load and the temperature changing rate can be adjusted.

This equipment has an explosion-proof system that satisfied customer’s requirements. Electrical control cabinet is placed 15 meters away from the main chamber for efficient flameproof. The main chamber is combined and welded by special designed insulation panels with good fire resistance and all the non-metal materials used are frameproof. The floor of the chamber can bear ≥500Kg/m2 to prevent plastic deformation, collapse and swelling under the situation of long term heavy loads. The window is made by tempered explosion-proof glass with high temperature resistance which can not only make sure customers observing the specimen clearly but also prevent the fragments of window flew out hurting people caused by window shattering or specimen explosion. There is an explosion-proof pressure relief device installed at the top of the chamber. When the inner side of chamber produces gas and the pressure sudden increases, the pressure relief device will turn on automatically to protect the safety of test personnel and equipment effectively. This chamber is designed according to the requirement of integral explosion proof that all the motors and heating devices used in this chamber have EX symbol on them.

There are three insulators installed at the top of chamber that satisfied 30,000 voltage electrify. Six insulating connection terminals for testing electrify are installed on each insulator at the back top of the chamber (total 18). This equipment has efficient grounding device to avoid electrostatic accumulation. There is an explosion-proof temperature sensor on hardy’s equipment. It can monitor temperature change efficiently under the extreme case. This equipment has a complete alarm and protection system containing leakage protection, open circuit protection, heater short circuit protection, fan motor overload protection, working space independent overheat protection, power under voltage protection, power over voltage protection, phase loss protection, phase deviation protection. When any protection system senses a signal, it will alarm to ensure the safety of people and equipment.



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