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What Is The Walk-in Test Chamber
Jun 08, 2017

Walk-in test chamber used in the defense industry, aerospace industry, automation components automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical industry and related products, heat, cold test for the industry to provide large parts, semi-finished products Large temperature and humidity test environment space, suitable for testing the amount of products, large volume of the test equipment

The structural characteristics of the walk-in test chamber:

1, the use of library board unit combination, the volume can provide any amplification, easy disassembly, according to customer needs size design and cooperation with the future expansion of the convenience of customers.

2, the use of SUS # 304 stainless steel plate and color plate, solid structure, easy folding, simple structure, waterproof and beautiful.

3, the use of ceiling blowing type, reducing the speed of the test room on the impact of the sample, while the low wind speed can achieve high uniformity requirements.

4, spacious and bright large window with high brightness indoor explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, so that users can observe the situation when the test case Sui.

5, the refrigeration system used in Europe and the United States imports of compressors, environmentally friendly refrigerant R507, R23 to be measured product power and machine safety protection, devices, are used even control design.

6, a full range of security devices and blackout memory, to ensure that the machine itself and the user safety. The full protection device, when the exception occurs, the controller screen automatically displays the fault status, cut off the power switch, and provide troubleshooting methods.


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