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Why all kinds of high-tech products to conduct environmental testing
Sep 22, 2017

The rapid development of science and technology and the emergence of high-tech products with each passing day.With the increasing border of goods, making the product sales area is growing, then the product can be used in most areas and the function does not affect the product itself is not Damage caused by the need for environmental testing of products to understand whether the product can meet the needs of the use of the environment. Will there be a problem.

Whether for military products or civilian products, environmental laboratories should be able to have a wide range of applicability.We can carry out as many test items as possible and the test environment should be as close as possible to the future use environment. Environmental testing, but the laboratory simulation of the environment and the actual use of the environment are often different.

Therefore, when selecting a pilot project, there should be a specific analysis of the environmental requirements of the test items, and it should be ensured that the selected test items can represent both the main use environment and the speed of the test.

World War II and postwar. In order to ensure that weapons and equipment and ammunition parts in harsh natural conditions can meet the required performance of the Western countries, especially the United States established a variety of test sites and environmental laboratories and developed a detailed Environmental testing standards. US military regulations for any weapons and equipment. Parts and ammunition must be carried out before delivery to the military for simulated environmental testing. In the test site for field environmental testing. Any product that can not pass the test standard is not allowed to be delivered to the military. Environmental testing is part of the identification and testing work.


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