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When my unit is connected to a suitable electrical system, the condenser fan is operating but the compressor is not.
Jan 11, 2018

Check these possible causes and solutions:

  1. Low line voltage or your system is attempting to operate on inadequate wiring.

  2. → If your voltage is low, install a booster transformer. If low voltage occurs only when other loads draw excessively, try connecting the unit to another line which is not overloaded.

  3. The compressor is off due to an internal overload.

  4. → Examine the compressor to verify proper voltage supply.

  5. There is an open circuit in wiring to the compressor.

  6. → Locate the open circuit and repair.

  7. The compressor(s) current relay is defective or there is an internal thermal overload.

  8. → Replace the defective part.

  9. The compressor is defective.

  10. → Replace the compressor.

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