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What is BMS battery management system
Apr 21, 2017

BMS is the first letter abbreviation combination of BATTERY MANAGEMENT system, called the battery management systems. BMS battery system commonly known as battery nanny or battery housekeeper, mainly for the intelligent management and maintenance of each battery unit, to prevent battery charging and discharge, prolong battery life, monitor the battery status. Has the following characteristics: 1, support 10~20 power-saving core series to adapt to different battery systems; 2, undervoltage, over-voltage protection; 3, discharge over-current, charging over-current, load short-circuit protection; 4. Perfecting the main passive equilibrium of the protection insist, 5, the charging and discharging process of the temperature, low temperature protection; 6, with accurate power detection (SOC&SOH) 7, support extremely low voltage prohibition charging function, protection of the core safety; 8, support interface Communication UART,485,CAN bus, etc. 9 Support the PC software Shan Lithium battery pack and the current state (customized). 10, with sleep and wake-up function; 11, with weak discharge circuit (provide GPS/GPRS uninterrupted power supply); 12, micro-Ann sleep working current;