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What influences the uniformity of temperature aging chamber?
Nov 20, 2017

The test of the influence of temperature aging chamber uniformity includes box sealing, heat load, thermal radiation characteristics, heat transfer, sample placement, internal structure and so on. Reasons are as follows:

1, sealing: box and door tightness is not strict, such as: seal strip, non custom seams, door leakage, etc., thereby affecting the temperature uniformity of the work space.

2, heat load: if the test box is placed in the studio test samples of the whole heat convection enough influence, will to some extent affect the internal temperature uniformity, such as the placement of LED lighting products, the product itself has become the light and heat, thermal load, then the existing temperature uniformity of great influence. ,

3, thermal radiation: design problems lead to the design of test box in the internal structure, the space is very difficult to achieve uniform and symmetrical structure, asymmetric structure will inevitably lead to the internal temperature uniformity deviation, this level is mainly reflected in the aspects of sheet metal design and sheet metal processing and other reasons such as: the size of air duct design, heating pipe the placement of power position, fan.

4, the heat transfer due to the wall of the box around the studio before and after the heat transfer under 6 different coefficients, some with a threading hole, hole, hole detection test results in local heat radiation and heat transfer, the temperature of oven is not uniform, so that the box wall radiation convection heat transfer is not uniform, uniform temperature effect.

5, the rationality of the sample selection and placement: if the test object is too large, or the test object placed in the constant temperature and humidity test machine studio position or mode is inappropriate, so that the air convection is blocked, also will produce a larger deviation of temperature uniformity. For example, placing the test product next to the air duct seriously affects the circulation of the wind, and of course, the uniformity of the temperature will be greatly affected.

6, because the inner wall structure is different, it will cause the temperature of the test chamber wall will be uneven, and then affect the thermal convection in the studio, resulting in the deviation of the internal temperature uniformity.