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What are the environmental tests?
Sep 22, 2017

Up to now, mainstream countries have already standardized environmental testing, and many countries have also developed environmental testing standards, which are mostly similar in general, with the following items:

1. Low-pressure (high-altitude) test The low-pressure test is mainly used to simulate the equipment in the aircraft's non-pressurized cargo hold and on the plateau and even after the failure of the cabin pressure after the sharp decline in the test is used to check the equipment in low-pressure environment And the rapid decline in pressure on the use of performance and life, etc. Low-pressure test can be simulated the maximum height of up to 30,000 meters (usually civil aircraft flying height of 8000-12000 meters in the limit between 14000-18000 meters) At the same time the temperature value of the test to the corresponding height of the atmospheric temperature prevail.

2. High Temperature Test The high temperature test is used to test the influence of the equipment in high temperature but not directly exposed to sunlight. The main simulation equipment is placed and used in hot spaces such as poor heat dissipation or near heat sources such as engines. Test products in high temperature environment, storage and use of the performance

3. Low-temperature test low-temperature test As the name suggests in order to simulate the product / equipment in the low-temperature environment, the use of the situation in the finished product to prevent the corresponding problems in China, for example, northeast Jilin and Heilongjiang in the winter outdoor temperature up to -20 Therefore, most products are required for low temperature testing to ensure that they can be used in the cold weather in the north.

4.Hot and cold impact test The hot and cold impact test is mainly used to simulate the product / equipment / weapons can withstand very rapid temperature changes, such as high-altitude air weapons in cold and hot areas in the indoor and outdoor transfer products are necessary Hot and cold impact test to ensure that its normal performance is not due to rapid changes in temperature and reduce.

5. Solar Irradiation Test The solar radiation test is a test of the objects and materials exposed to direct sunlight. The solar radiation can cause photochemical and thermal effects on the material. The sun exposure test can be used to determine the open use and storage conditions The impact on the product / equipment.

6.The rain test is mainly used to simulate the situation in which the product / equipment / weapon is exposed to use and storage. Depending on the test grade, there are drip tests Rain test Spray test Water spray test Dip test Diving test and other different Waterproof rating of the equipment

7. Damp heat test, also known as moisture test, is mainly used to simulate the use of products / equipment in warm and humid environments in low latitudes. The damp heat test is almost an essential product test. The northern part of the interior includes Japan, Korea and China, the vast majority of the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River in the region have a year or long or short warm and wet season.

8. Mildew test Warm and humid climate is the condition of microbial growth. Warm and humid climate is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. All standard generic products / equipment and even weapons and equipment should be designed to take into account the mildew problem. In order to examine the effects on mold / equipment in the event of mildew.

9. Salt spray test The salt content of the air in the coastal area is higher. The salt and warm air will cause corrosion of all products / equipment in the environment. The purpose of the salt spray test is to test the product / The use of protective materials in the wet environment and the internal circuit of the product.

10. Sand and dust test This test is mainly used to detect the product / equipment in the outdoor dust content of the air will be used when the problem.China's air pollution is very high.Each open outdoor use equipment are necessary to sand The test has guaranteed its durability and improved product quality

11. Test for freezing rain This test is used to simulate problems with products / equipment in the event of freezing rain.


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