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Temperature Control for Cool-and-Warm Environmental Testing Chamber with Energy-Saving
Nov 28, 2017

The most serious disadvantage of traditional control manner in environmental test process lies in its cooling-heat counterworking, which expends much more energy than needed.With the purpose of high-efficency and energy-saving,an advanced temperature control method is proposed for cool-and-warm environmental testing chamber.The whole control process is divided into several stages so as to make use of the natural characteristic of heat-exchange.The efficiency of the control system is promoted under the intelligent temperature set-points.The temperature inside the chamber is kept stable since a PID adjustor can work in due time and shorten the transient period of temperature control.A high-precisis temperature collection module with digital filter,as well as a personalized operation platform,is also be equipped with to ensure good performance of the system.On the whole,the proposed method can realize the target of low energy consumption and can be extended to other simular applications.《Control Engineering of China》 , 2010

As a “Rising star” in the field of environmental testing, Hardy not only obtained certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE etc., but also owned several rewards, honour and 17 Chinese Patents awarded by Chinese government such as innovation design, optimal control etc.