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The role of the Air Purifier detecting authority
Apr 21, 2017

Air Purifier Inspection Authority, refers to the government's approval, according to government standards or international standards, as a third-party independent, non-profit, and for the industry recognized, the air purifier purification indicators for testing institutions. Air Purifier Inspection authority in a certain laboratory space, time, to the air purifier tested in the work after the laboratory indoor air pollution drops in the speed and concentration (air purification efficiency), to carry out detection and indicator identification. Its detection results are recognized, that is, the government identity, manufacturers identity and consumer recognition. The authoritative inspection body conforming to this condition: in China, the environmental monitoring station of the National Environmental Protection Department and its provincial and municipal Environment Protection Bureau is the sole authority of air environmental Protection index detection; The CDC of the Ministry of Health and its provincial and municipal Health Bureau is the authoritative body for the inspection of Air Hygiene index.

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