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Do you know the 9 operation points of the high and low temperature test chamber?
Oct 30, 2017

Equipment, the use of the length of life is largely dependent on the daily maintenance and use of doing the right, the following to introduce nine points need to pay attention to the place:

(I) When using this equipment, be sure to ensure that it is securely grounded to avoid electrostatic induction.

(2), when the equipment cabinet in the operation, please do not touch the touch, or it will be an electric shock or damage caused by the fan.

(3), high and low temperature test chamber to avoid running in 15 minutes to open and then open the refrigeration unit.

(Iv), the lights should be kept in a non-essential condition.

(V), wet ball gauze installation location must be accurate, so as to be able to measure the correct relative humidity.

⑧, circuit breakers, over-temperature protection, to provide equipment testing and staff security, please be sure to check regularly.

(Vii), when the completion of low temperature operation, the best temperature at 60 ℃, the drying process for about 30 minutes and then open the door, so as not to affect the test time in the back of the test or cause the evaporator icing phenomenon.

(Viii) Non-local operators are not allowed to repair and inspect the machine, and in addition to the professional conductance, there are professional electrical and circuit maintenance personnel at the time of inspection, in order to prevent unintentional personnel from closing Causing a risk of electric shock.

(Ix), when the equipment is running, unless there is absolutely necessary, please do not open the door at random, otherwise it may lead to adverse consequences.

The above is about nine high and low temperature test chamber operation points, hoping to help you can more understanding of the equipment, which during use more appropriate use and maintenance.


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