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Temperature shock test
Dec 23, 2017

Use: thermal shock test is used to test the structure of the material or composite materials, in an instant by continuous high temperature and low temperature under the environment can bear the degree of application of electrical and electronic products, semiconductor, electronic circuit board, metal materials and other materials in the environment adaptability of sharp changes in temperature. In the development stage, it can be used to find product design and process defects, and in some cases can also be used for environmental stress screening, eliminating the early failure of the product. The severity of the test depends on the range of high and low temperature, the time of residing, the time of temperature conversion, and the number of cycles.

Features: there are a total of 15 kinds of cold and hot impact equipment, all of which are imported equipment with excellent control, corresponding to all two box and three box tests, which meet various international and enterprise standard tests, and the medium corresponds to gas or liquid.

Certification standards: meet GB/T2423.22 (IEC60068-2-14); ISO16750; IPC-TM-650; JESD22 and so on

Temperature shock test in a series of standards.