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Temperature Humidity Testing Chamber Market
Jan 10, 2018

Hardy, a national industrial of China, starts from the famous industrial city in west south of China. The customers of Hardy are coming from all over the world. Hardy owned the first group of customers from North America, Europe, East Asia and became the designated supplier of some large global enterprises. At the same time of proud of itself, Hardy is not satisfied the result that acquired now. Hardy keeps increasing the investment in R&D and repurchases the advanced processing equipment such as CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC laser drilling machine, CNC pipe binding machine etc. Hardy improves its production line in order to catch up the most cutting edge technology in the world. Hardy shows the world the true meaning of “Made in China”, “Intelligently made in China” and “Quality manufacturing of China” basing on its absorbed design, state of art, strict management, faithful service.