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Temperature and humidity chamber temperature rate of choice
Jan 08, 2018

Ordinary high and low temperature test chamber cooling rate is not an indicator of cooling from ambient temperature to the nominal minimum temperature of the time is generally 90 ~ 120min. High and low temperature alternating chamber, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid chamber have the requirements of variable temperature speed, the rate of temperature generally require 1 ℃ / min, within the scope of this rate adjustable speed. The rapid temperature changing chamber has a fast temperature changing rate, and the heating and cooling rate can reach 3 ° C / min to 15 ° C / min. In some temperature ranges, the cooling rate can even reach 30 ° C / min or more.

Rapid temperature changes of various specifications, speed The temperature range of the test chamber is generally the same, that is -60 ~ + 130 ℃, but the temperature range of assessment of cooling rate is not the same, according to the test of different test requirements, rapid temperature changes Test chamber temperature range is -55 ~ +80 ℃, while others are -40 ~ +80 ℃.

On the rapid temperature change chamber temperature rate there are two ways to mention, one is the entire average temperature rise and cooling speed, one is the linear temperature rise and cooling speed (in fact, every 5min average speed). The average speed throughout the test chamber is the temperature range, the highest temperature and the lowest temperature difference between the time ratio. At present, the technical parameters of the variable temperature rate provided by various environmental test equipment manufacturers all refer to the entire average speed. Linear heating and cooling speed refers to any 5min time period, to ensure that the rate of change. In fact, for the rapid temperature change test chamber, it is very difficult to ensure the linear temperature rising and falling speed. The most critical one is the cooling rate that the chamber can achieve during the last 5 min of the temperature decreasing period. In some ways, the linear temperature ramp (every 5 min average speed) is more scientific. Therefore, it is desirable that the test equipment has two parameters, the average temperature rise and fall speed and the linear rise and fall speed (average speed every 5 minutes). In general, the linear temperature rise and cooling rate (every 5 min average speed) is the entire average temperature rise and cooling speed of 1/2.