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Temperature and humidity chamber maintenance common sense
Jan 08, 2018

Hardy sold products are accompanied by the relevant details of the use of operation, maintenance and simple repair instructions, please purchase carefully read, understand and comply with the implementation. Here we highlight the following tips, in order to maintain the product's performance as long as possible, please note:

1. Because of the generally high value of temperature and humidity chamber, we recommend putting them in a benign temperature environment. Our experience temperature is 8 ℃ -23 ℃. For laboratories that do not have this condition, Appropriate air conditioner (air-cooled) or cooling tower (water-cooled).

2. Stick to professional management. Qualified units should be from time to time to send someone to the factory training to learn, in order to obtain more professional maintenance, repair experience and ability.

3. Periodically (every 3 months) to clean the condenser: For the compressor with air cooling, the condenser fan should be regularly overhaul, and the condenser decontamination dust, in order to ensure its good ventilation performance, for the compressor In addition to the use of water-cooled cooling to ensure that its water pressure, water temperature, but also to ensure that the appropriate flow, and regularly cleaning the interior of the condenser cleaning, in order to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.

4. Regular (every 3 months) cleaning evaporation (dehumidifier), due to the different cleanliness levels of the sample, the forced circulation of the wind, evaporation (dehumidifier) will gather a lot of dust and other small particles should be regularly carried out Cleaning.

5. Circulation fan, condenser fan cleaning and school balance: Similar to the cleaning evaporator, because the working environment of the test chamber is different, circulating fan blades and condenser fans will condense a lot of dust and other small particles and should be regularly cleaned .

6. Waterway, humidifier cleaning: If the waterway is poor, the humidifier scaling is easy to cause the humidifier to dry and may damage the humidifier, so the waterway and humidifier must be cleaned periodically.

7. Insist that after each test, set the temperature near the ambient temperature for about 30 minutes, then cut off the power and wipe clean the inner wall of the studio.

8. Equipment for relocation is best under the guidance of our technical staff to avoid unnecessary damage or damage to equipment.

9. Long-term shutdown is not used, the product should be regularly energized every half month, the power supply time of not less than 1 hour.

10. Maintenance principle: Since the environmental chamber is basically composed of a plurality of electrical, refrigeration and mechanical systems, once the equipment has problems, the entire equipment should be systematically and comprehensively inspected and analyzed. In general, the process of analysis and judgment can be first outside the outside, that is, first rule out the external factors, such as cooling water, power supply, etc., in the complete exclusion of external factors, according to the phenomenon of failure, the first system equipment decomposition, the post-system analysis Judgment, you can use the method to find the cause of the down-push, first in accordance with the electrical wiring diagram to find out if there is a problem with the electrical system, and finally find whether the problem of the refrigeration system. Do not uncover the cause of the malfunction, must not dismantle the demolition or replacement parts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.