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Safety issues in use of high and low temperature test chambers
Nov 20, 2017

Safety issues in use of high and low temperature test chambers

1, please note that the machine must be safe and indeed grounded, so as not to produce electrostatic induction.

2, in the exercise, unless absolutely necessary, please do not open the door, otherwise it may lead to the following adverse consequences:

The inside of the door is still hot enough to cause burns

High temperature air flows out of the box and is very dangerous

High temperature air may trigger fire alarm and wrong behavior

3, please do not shut down in three minutes, then open the freezer unit.

4, circuit breaker, overtemperature protector, to provide the test equipment and the operator's safety protection, so please check regularly.

5, before low temperature, the studio should be dried, drying at 60 degrees for 1 hours or so.

6, when testing, when the temperature is more than 54 degrees above, must not open the cooler.

7, when placing hot test items in the box, the power supply control, please use the external power supply, do not directly use the power supply of this machine. When the high temperature material is used for low temperature test, it should be noted that the opening time of the box door should be as short as possible.

8, high and low temperature test box prohibit the test of explosive, combustible substances.

9, except when necessary open, the rest of the time should be closed.