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My test chamber now has a slow pull down or no pull down at all.
Dec 23, 2017

When my compressor and condenser fan run continuously and the compressor amperage is normal.

Check these possible causes and solutions:

Your test chamber's evaporator coil has iced up.

→ Defrost and dry out your test chamber. Remember to plug up ports or any openings where external air can enter the chamber.

There is an excessive live load in the test chamber or there is excessive heat leakage into the chamber through the ports or other openings is occurring.

→ Eliminate the cause.

The door is being opened too often.

→ Eliminate the cause.

There is a leak and consequent loss of refrigerant charge.

→ Identify and repair the leak. Then recharge the test chamber with refrigerant.

The compressor is defective

→ Replace the defective compressor.

A test piece of specimen is blocking the airflow in the test chamber.

→ Remove any excess load or relocate the specimen.