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Matters needing attention in use of aging test chamber
Nov 25, 2017

1, power equipment: should be installed in the power supply line of overload fuse device, for the special box, and has good grounding device.

2, sample preparation: test one by one number, will the sample placed on the sample turntable, mutual contact and collision with each other is not advisable.

3. When everything is ready, shut the door.

Switch off each switch of the control system, plug in the power supply, turn on the power switch, turn the turntable automatically, and control system's power indicator is bright. If the temperature must be raised, the switch must be switched on (that is the high temperature switch and the low temperature switch), and then the automatic control system is adjusted

5, the instrument shell must be effectively grounded, in order to ensure the safety of use.

6, the instrument should be placed in a well ventilated indoor horizontal position, around it can not place flammable and explosive goods.

7, iron shell shall be installed in the power supply line of a knife switch, for this special box, in the ground before electricity please check the electrical performance of the box, and should pay attention to whether there is open circuit or leakage, the instrument without explosion-proof device, shall not put inflammable and explosive materials drying.

8, the box should not be placed too crowded goods, must leave space to facilitate the hot air circulation.

9, non staff do not operate.


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