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Humidity control system of environmental testing chamber and control method thereof
Nov 28, 2017

The invention discloses a humidity control system of an environmental testing chamber. The system comprises a humidification portion, a dehumidification portion and a control portion. The control portion includes a supervisory control computer, a control station, and an alarm; the supervisory control computer informs the control station of various operations of a user through serial communication as well as receives various parameters returned by the control station, wherein the various parameters include humidity, a humidification output, a dehumidification output and an alarm output and the like; and the control station is respectively electrically connected with a temperature sensor, the alarm, an ultrasonic humidification portion and a nitrogen dehumidification portion. According to the invention, an ultrasonic humidification portion and a nitrogen dehumidification portion are added, so that a problem of superheated steam in a steam humidification method can be effectively solved; there is no need to carry out water boiling, thereby shortening humidification time; and the response of the system is more sensitive; besides, the nitrogen dehumidification portion has a simple structure and an occurrence of a water accumulation phenomenon in the testing chamber can be reduced.

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