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High and low temperature test chamber long-term use is not how to repair
Oct 30, 2017

High temperature chamber for industrial products, high temperature, low temperature reliability test, with a wide temperature control scale; in the laboratory intact and accurate reproduction of the natural environment exists is expected to work, but, in the Within the bounds of the tolerance, we are able to accurately and accurately imitate the external environmental conditions that the engineering goods are experiencing in the process of use, storage, transportation, and the environmental conditions provided by any environmental laboratory equipment are necessary to be observable And not only in order to make the environmental parameters within a certain tolerance scale, to ensure the reproducibility of the test conditions and repeat the request, and from the safety of the product experiment is also necessary in order to avoid the environmental conditions Loss of control caused by the damage to the goods, resulting in unnecessary loss. Many people will encounter such a question: high and low temperature test box long-term use of how to maintain?

1. First with a clean cloth will be high and low temperature test room scrub clean. Re-use, the first thing you have to do is open the high and low temperature test chamber door ventilation, together again scrub the high and low temperature inside the experimental box, the best cleaning about the dust on the condenser to facilitate high and low temperature test box after the heat.

2. On the system maintenance, we must unplug the power, power off the best in the high and low temperature test box shutdown, to avoid damage to the compressor and other components.

3. re-use before the end of the high and low temperature test box cleaning, do not immediately start to use, the best high and low temperature test box to work for a short time, every two or three minutes after the suspension of a period of time, so repeat a few times. Why?

So that we know that lubricants are fluid, when the high and low temperature test box placed after a period of time, will cause some mechanical lubricants too thin, when re-use, because the high temperature inside the box temperature, down to The extra temperature is required for the long-term continuous work of the compressor, this time some of the lubricating oil will be too rapid attack wear, and then reduce the life of high and low temperature test box.

4. Let the high and low temperature test chamber for repeated short time work, allowing lubricants to re-spread in the compressor, after a moment of moisture inside the machine. Here to the way that the new high and low temperature test box to buy many in the laboratory has been

After a period of time, in the initial use can also use this approach to high and low temperature test box maintenance, in order to avoid shrinkage machine life.

Instrument to verify the high and low temperature test box in the environmental experiments, the required experimental sample function, experimental conditions / experimental procedures and experimental skills to understand, to use the experimental equipment to understand the skills and functions of the equipment to the structure Have to understand, especially on the operation and function of the controller to understand. But also carefully read the operation of the experimental equipment operation manual, so as to avoid the operation error caused by the abnormal work of the experimental equipment and then lead to damage to the experimental sample, the experimental data is not accurate.


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