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High and low temperature laboratory applications
Sep 22, 2017

Structure characteristics of high and low temperature laboratory:

High and low temperature laboratory adopts imported advanced temperature and humidity control instrument, with PID regulation, rapid self setting, programmable control cycle test, can set a variety of parameters, digital display, reading is very convenient;

The refrigeration system adopts imported high capacity and high efficiency maintenance free type compressor. Two yuan refrigeration system is adopted to import environmental cooling medium, and the cooling capacity is controlled by imported servo control valve. Energy saving is about 30%.

It adopts the combination structure of inner stainless steel and special steel plate sprayed with plastic plate, and the inner dimension can be expanded at any size. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It can match the site design according to the customer's requirement size. Coordinate customer migration.

A high temperature resistant sealing strip is arranged between the door and the outer shell of the stepping type constant temperature and humidity test machine, and the sealing property of the working chamber is effectively ensured;

It has the function of monitoring the system parameters and diagnosing the fault of the equipment protection. It has the warning sound when the fault occurs, and it also indicates the Countermeasures for the malfunction. Meanwhile, it can be recorded in the register, which is convenient for the maintenance personnel to understand the medical history of the equipment. Improve maintenance quality and equipment stability.

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