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Automotive Testing
Dec 23, 2017

Reliability & Safety Testing are both paramount for the automotive market, whether it is keeping drivers & passengers safe or decreasing warranty cost from expensive recalls. Environmental test chambers aid in this testing for a variety of components including seat belts, electronics, air bags, engines, lithium ion batteries and more. Hardy also manufactures large drive-in chambers for full vehicle testing up to the size of a full semi-truck. 

Offering extensive experience supplying both standard and custom-engineered environmental testing solutions to the automotive market, chambers can simulate multiple environments for temperature, humidity, solar, and vibration.

As a “Rising star” in the field of environmental testing, Hardy not only obtained certifications such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE etc., but also owned several rewards, honour and 17 Chinese Patents awarded by Chinese government such as innovation design, optimal control etc. 

As a “Main force” in the environmental testing domain,Hardy provides products to customers such as climate testing chamberTemperature Humidity Testing Chamber 、Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) ChamberAGREE chamberTemperature shock chamberWalk-In Environmental Test ChamberAltitude (Hypobaric) Test Chamber etc.Besides the regular testing products, Hardy has experience in designing and producing of multi-function large testing chamber and successful cases such as multi-function large vehicle drive in chamber, explosion safe chamber with each level of protection and function used for altitude environmental simulation, soldier training. The product application of Hardy involves in many such as electron industrial, engineering, machining, vehicle, biology, pharmacy, aviation, aerospace, military and alternative energy etc.