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AGREE Environmental Test Chambers
Feb 25, 2018

AGREE Environmental Test Chambers matched with appropriate vibration test bench to meet with

Respective corresponding environmental test requirements of temperature, humidity and vibration; 

Extensively applied in aviation and aerospace, shipping, electronics, automobile car, telecommunications, Industry. 

AGREE Environmental Test Chambers Feature: 

1. A combined structure of test chamber and refrigerating system boasting compact and graceful design; 

Independent console

2. Original refrigerating compressor unit and its main accessories are internaltional famous brand; 

3. LCD color 7" touch screen controller, capable of automatic control of temperature humidity programs; 

4. To meet customer's unique demands, users may choose from different models

Of vibration test bench to ensure that in addition to good cool, 

5. Heat and air seal system, this vibration bench will also boasts remarkable effect of mechanical vibration