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Hardy – “A reliable designer and producer of products”. Let’s make it Hardy.

  • August, 2005---Hardy established in Chongqing by former name HanBa.

  • October, 2005---First a 300L temperature chamber released to customer.

  • March,2006---Own ISO9001/14001 certifications.

  • April, 2006---First chamber released to Sri Lanka, Oversea.

  • February,2007---First 16m³ walk in chamber released to customer.

  • Januray,2009---Own CE certifications.

  • February,2011---First numerical control laser cutting machine on site.

  • July, 2011---“National High-Tech Enterprise” awarded by National Administration.

  • October,2011---Solidworks design assistant software purchased and adopted in R&D.

  • September,2013---“New Production” certification awarded by National Administration.

  • January,2017---Reach 1.5million usd annual sales volume.

  • June,2017---Self-owned of 8,600㎡ new factory start production.